"Saturday Triumph: Oxenford Men's Shed Paves Way to Progress"

Oxenford Men’s Shed Paves Way to Progress

“Saturday Triumph: Oxenford Men’s Shed Paves Way to Progress”

The Men’s Shed Oxenford witnessed a productive Saturday as members united to lay a cement slab for the garden shed and pave a new pathway to the ladies’ storage shed.

Brimming with energy and determination, the men divided their tasks, ensuring smooth and efficient work progression.


The team’s diligent work resulted in a robust cement slab perfectly suited for the garden shed and a sturdy, well-placed pathway leading to the ladies’ storage shed.

Their craftsmanship was visible in every detail, reflecting their dedication and teamwork.

Concrete Is Delivered
Concrete Is Delivered

Among the dedicated crew, special thanks go to Cookie and Geoff, whose efforts were instrumental to the project’s success.

"Cookie" - Working!!!
“Cookie” – Working!!!

Cookie’s leadership and spirit kept the morale high, while Geoff’s meticulous attention to detail guaranteed top-quality results.

The day ended on a high note, marking another accomplishment for the Men’s Shed Oxenford community.