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Celebrating Over 9 Years Of Mens Shed

Oxenford Mens Shed has enabled its members to form strong friendships.

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K Ward
Keith Ward



Oxenford Men’s Shed Inc. Mission.. Is to value add to the community by providing a friendly caring safe facility, that fosters mateship, that provides a caring friendly environment that directly & indirectly addresses men’s health issues and depression.


Positively focused in undertaking value adding community development contributions.

Acting as a central hub for community information exchange.

Supporting those in need and providing a friendly caring facility through Mateship, and common interests. 

Reducing the numbers who are at risk of preventable health issues, that may emanate from isolation by providing a caring friendly environment that directly and indirectly addresses Men’s Health issues, and Depression.

Our facilities include a well-equipped workshop and garden facilities that meets all “Workplace Health and Safety” parameters and being disability accessible, so that all members both for men members and women associate members can then have a personal release and enjoy each other friendship!